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VisualCV, the Social Media Release of Job Hunting?

Thanks to a recommendation from my friend Brian, I listened to an NPR story a few weeks ago about interactive resumes and their benefit in today’s job hunt.  Since listening to that story I have begun to build my own interactive resume through VisualCV, which although still a work in progress, will soon debut on my blog but of course. 

VisualCV is an Internet resume that allows you to include more interactive features than a standard resume allows.  Aside from the usual list of past jobs and relevant skills, VisualCV allows you to include work samples, references, images and craft your own personalized url to send to prospective employers.  After beginning to build my own VisualCV, I had a realization- the progress and advancement VisualCV represents for resume-building is the same as what social media releases (SMR) mean to the practice of sending news releases in the public relations world. 

I first experienced social media releases when Dix & Eaton utilized them for one of our clients CPI.  The difference between traditional releases and SMR is amazing.  SMR allow for additional interactive sidebars of related information and videos, direct linkage back to the company’s website, RSS capabilities and the ability to distribute the release via the world of social media (i.e. Twitter, Digg, StumbleUpon, etc).  Although the traditional release is still relevant and sufficient for many companies, SMRs show the way the public relations world is evolving and the true power of the new social media movement.

I strongly believe that we are currently experiencing a great shift in our world and our use of technology.  Social media, although starting small, has grown into a force making a huge impact on our society including  the worlds of public relations and job hunting.  I am still learning to navigate this world, but everything I have tried and seen has amazed and inspired me.  Social media releases are a great new tool helping pr professionals publicize news in a way that the public will listen, and interactice resumes I believe will soon become a dominant tool in the job hunt.  Social media is continuing to grow and is here to stay so I say jump on and enjoy the ride.



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Media relations is like… dating?

In the March issue of PR Tactics there is an interesting article written by Rob Lynch that compares media relations to dating.  Now I must admit, when I first read the title I was skeptical- I mean MR like dating? Come on.  But after starting to read I realized that Rob was not insane, he was exactly right.  This comparison seemed enlightening and made the world of MR that much more clear so I thought I would share some key ideas I found especially relevant.

  • Most reporters want a monogamous relationship, or the exclusive.  So true and yet so hard to pull off.  I am not saying that I am against this idea, on the contrary I completely agree and would want an exclusive myself if I were writing the story.  But from a pr perspective, how do you find that perfect reporter to have this relationship with?  Do you pitch the idea to a number and may the first and best man win? Or pitch one by one and risk not getting any placement or not enough feedback to your client in a reasonable amount of time?  I, in my short time in this field, do not have the answers to these questions yet, but I constantly question them and hope to eventually find the answers.
  • Uninterested reporters will not respond no matter how often you contact them.   I don’t even think this needs discussion, I just loved it and thought, how true.
  • As the same pick up lines do not work on every person, the same pitch will probably not work for every reporter.  This may be one of the very first things I learned when beginning to contact the media.  That extra step of doing your research and personalizing your pitch to each RELEVANT reporter makes all the difference in the world.  Another analogy I think fits well with this idea is an un-researched pitch is like getting spam in your inbox-  No one reads spam so why would reporters be expected to read it either?
  • Placement may provide immediate gratification, but relationships are often built over time.  This point is what I am most excited about as I become a more seasoned PR professional.  I love every day learning more about the people I pitch and finding stories or ideas that truly help and fit their coverage.  It is frustrating to have a media list and know no one, but even in my short time at this internship I am already familiar with many reporters and can’t wait to continue our relationships in the future.

Now although I think Rob did a great job, I wanted to add a few insights myself.  As a participant in the dating world there are a few things that have helped my love life and I think will help me strive in MR as well.  So here is my additional list of tips for the dater or PR professional:

  • You must have genuine interest in the other person.  You can go through the motions of dating or PR, but if you don’t truly care about the person on the other side, 9 times out of 10 you will fail.  Both in dating and PR I genuinely want to get to know the person on the other side, build a relationship and help them succeed.   I believe this sincerity is apparent in my pitches and I hope is apparent in my pick up lines too 😉
  • Kindness and Confidence.  Confidence mixed with friendliness I think is the key combination to getting past that initial introduction phase in the dating and media world.  When someone exudes confidence, it is apparent and attractive and who can turn down someone who is kind?  I know I have a hard time of it and in PR I think the same is true.

Now of course you will still receive exceptions to these rules and like in dating, not every relationship is meant to last, but I think this analogy is a great one to keep in mind.  My parting tip?  Draw understanding from the one you know better to help you out in the other, equally important, part of your life as well.

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A penny for your thoughts??

At the start of my internship in the wonderful world of pr, one of the first things I learned about was billing time.  Essentially, time is broken into .25 increments and you must record each day who and what you are working on in order to bill clients.  Although initially annoying, I have learned to love the idea of billing time because it forces you to be responsible for every moment of your day and to use your time wisely.  Now of course there is never enough time in the day (especially in the pr world) so I thought an appropriate topic for my second intern insight would be… time management.

At Dix & Eaton, interns are treated as employees.   Therefore I do not sit around and make coffee all day, but rather I am treated as an Assistant Account Executiveand have real, billable work for a number of clients.  I learned very quickly that I will always be busy and need to prioritze and therefore I learned some pretty good tips and have gotten some great advice to help manage my time.  Here a few of my favorite pieces of advice:

Triage your work.  In pr, there are always stories to be pitched, media lists to create, follow-up calls to be made- the list goes on.  The trick I have found to organizing what to do when is to organize by urgency and immediate importance.  An event for a client in a week that has no press coverage of course must be completed ASAP, while the media list for outreach you are just beginning can probably wait.  It is not always that simple to gauge the importance of projects compared to one another, but you can always ask the advice of your collegues and when someone says something is urgent, by asking more questions you can find out how truly “urgent” it really is.

Block off time in your schedule.  Is there something on your to-do list that you never seem to be able to check off?  A colleague of mine suggested that for times such as this a good option is to block off time in your calendar dedicated solely to whichever task it is that you are hoping to accomplish.  By scheduling time into your calendar people won’t think you are free and you will have a better chance at avoiding interruptions.  It will also help you mentally plan to complete that task when you see it planned into your schedule.  Along those same lines, in order to not forget something you can plan a reminder into your schedule as well.  I have found this especially helpful for completing follow-up calls when pitching numerous clients.  When you see on your calendar that you must contact Joe Smith at 3 p.m., you will be much less likely to forget to make the call.

Finally, when overwhelmed…simply take a break.  In a world where every 15 minutes matters, it can be hard to justify taking a break to relax and refocus.  But that mental rest is probably just what you need to re-assess and be more productive when you are feeling like your work is controlling you.  Trying to work through it rarely works and means you are probably less focused and completing work that is not up to your best standards.  My favorite way to take a break is a Starbucks run (since there is one conveniently located in the lobby of my building), but even a walk around the office can do wonders for your sanity.

Of course, there are many more tips to managing you time, but these are a few that I have found especially helpful and think can add sanity and productivity to anyone’s job/life.

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Intern Insights… Media Pitches

This week marked the beginning of my second month at my internship.  After four weeks in I finally feel less like the new girl and more like a pr professional who has a perspective and view on the field, no matter if it is still a small one 🙂  That being said I thought it would be beneficial to myself, other new pr professionals and people looking to get into the field to hear my thoughts- me being a bright, fresh new face to the profession.  That being said, I decided my first topic would be…. media pitches.

Since the start of my internship much of my time has been devoted to pitching the media.  Not only has this task taken over a good portion of my time sheets, but has also proven to be the most challenging and rewarding aspect of my internship thus far.  I have not only  pitched one story, but numerous over a variety of topic areas and therefore, although still very new at this staple pr task, I have already come up with some hints/tips for myself as well as anyone pitching the media.  I’m sure more will come as my internship and life continues but for now here it goes:

  1. Know the topic you are pitching, WELL.  One of the reasons I was initially drawn to PR was because of the wide range of subjects and assignments you are exposed to due to the nature of the field.   Once starting this internship I was not disappointed.  I have already worked on such wide ranging subjects as art, hr, finance, public utilities, just to name a few.  One of the very first things I learned when contacting the media though is, know your shit.  It does not matter that you may have 20 different clients in 20 different sectors because at that moment you are the pr expert on *subject a* and you better be sure to know what you are talking about and be able to answer questions if you are asked, or else how are you going to be taken seriously by anyone let alone a reporter?
  2. Know your reporter, or try your hardest to.  One of the major frustrations I have had thus far is being new and not familiar AT ALL with the reporters I am expected to pitch to.  Sure I know the reporters I previously followed in my personal time, but I quickly learned there is a whole world of journalism to navigate and it takes finesse to master.  I did not realize the importance of this tip until I began pitching for myself and realized that if I don’t know my reporter and his/her interests or beat I could end up wasting both of our time.  It is near impossible to pitch a story to someone who is not interested or does not cover that topic no matter how persuasive you are.  Therefore Lexis Nexis, Google News, and online pub searches are quickly becoming my best friends.
  3. Be persistent.  This is by far the main thing I have learned about media pitching  over the past month.  Media pitching is hard.  Media pitching is time consuming.  Media pitching is a lot backtracking.  But with persistence, you can succeed.  Now of course by persistence I do not mean annoyance, but I do mean making sure you and your story are visible, you are doing the appropriate follow-up, and you are not giving up especially with a story that is great and a pub or reporter it is perfect for.  Of course you might not always succeed, but you could.

So I realize that was only three tips, but I didn’t want this post to take up my whole page and plus hey, I’m still new and there is plenty of time for insight in the future.  But for the start of week #5 that is my first intern insight, and be sure there will be more to come 🙂

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Senior Capstone- Iggie’s

At Miami it is required that every Senior complete a Senior Capstone project.  This project is meant to bring together all that you have learned over the previous four years.  Although Laws, Hall, & Associates is listed as a capstone course it did not count for my Strategic Communication Major.  Therefore I was required to take on a second capstone, Advanced Public Relations.  This capstone ended up being a great experience because within the course we were given the semester long assignment to choose an Oxford business and create a public relations campaign for them.  My team chose to work with a new Oxford business, Iggie’s Gelato.  Iggie’s offered a unique product to the Oxford Community, but struggled from little funding and a less than ideal location. 

After a semester of researching, speaking with our client, and testing different ideas we created a full campaign for Iggie’s.  We created a campaign overview book for them to keep and hopefully implement the following year and also gave a 30 minute presentation to persuade our professor, class and client on why our campaign should be implemented.  Our book and presentation included: the current situation at Iggie’s, our key findings after reasearch, who we believed the key publics Iggie’s should target were, the overall goal of the campaign, the campaign objectives, the strategy to achieve those objectives, and the messages we wanted to convey.  Some of the tactics we included to reach our overall goal included creating coupons and discount cards, creating a to-go menu for the shop, and hosting events such as Family Fun Thursday’s.  Our presentation was a success and our client and professor were very impressed with our overall campaign.

This experience was great because it forced us all to think through a public relations campaign from start to finish.  Also by working with a real client we got to experience the actual difficulties and roadblocks that are faced when working in the real world.  Working with a real client also showed us the importance of consulting and finding out the real problems and solutions facing a business rather than what may be the easiest or the most fun to work with.

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