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Street Dressing At Its Best

the-sartorialistWhile exploring the Internet the other day I stumbled upon what may become one of my new favorite daily blog stops, The Sartorialist- http://thesartorialist.blogspot.com/.  This blog is written by Scott Schuman the former director of mens fashion at Bergdorf Goodman.  After leaving Bergdorf to care of his daughter, Scott decided to start carrying his camera around and take pictures of fashion that is inspiring to him. His photos are mostly taken of people in New York, but he has also posted photos from around the world.  

Although such a simple idea, the photos and comments on The Sartorialist are extremely inspiring.  Scott shows that regular people can have fabulous style, and through his comments also shows us his personal fashion philosophy and views of the world.  His photos show that inspiration can be drawn from  everywhere and you can shop at anywhere from Saks to Salvation Army and still have fantastic style.


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