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Happy Earth Day! Blog I’m Loving: The People Speak

Now I am a long-time fan of the UN Dispatch (link), the United Nation’s main blog covering the organization and it’s work, but I recently stumbled across another UN blog that I found inspirational, The People Speak- TPS (link).  In the spirit of Earth Day I thought it was a perfect blog to share as a new post.

The People Speak is a blog community for young people interested in global issues and making a difference in our world.  It offers a place for the youth of the world to post their ideas, form connections with other change-focused individuals and begin shaping the world from a very young age.  The site offers a number of applications for users to become involved in and truly gives the youth of our world a say in what is going on around us. 

Current activities on the site include Global Debates, Climate Crews, Youth Leadership Summit and Youth Climate Pledge.  One past activity that I believe shows the strength and potential of this site is a posted YouTube video where TPS community members were able to ask Ted Turner questions.  Now that is having a real influence. 

I may be just out of the age group that would classify me as a youth, but this site is one I plan to re-visit soon and re-visit often.  The youth can change the world and TPS highlights this fact.  Plus, I am pretty excited to learn how to host a UN-themed trivia night as well 🙂


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Blog I’m LOVING- Mashable

Since I have chosen to immerse myself in the world of blogging, I decided I should share the love, explore this world and see what I find.   Well, one of the very first blogs I have stumbled upon is Mashable

Mashable is a great site for getting into the world of blogging or if you are interested in becoming more familiar with the web and social media in general.  I would describe it as a “one-stop-shop” for everything you ever wanted (and maybe didn’t want) to know about the web and social media. 

To get a feel of what types of posts you can expect from this site here are some of my favorite recent posts:

As you can see from these examples Mashable offers fun pop culture, social media tips, new happenings on the web and everything in between.  This blog was listed by Time Magazine as one of the top 25 blogs of 2009  and once you subscribe to its feed it is easy to understand why.  Mashable, with its vast offerings, makes me a more knowledgeable social media consumer each and every day.

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