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Laws Hall Competition

In the fall of 2007 I participated in an Advertising Practice Course entitled Laws, Hall & Associates.  Within this course a real client hires Miami University to make an advertising campaign for one of its products.  The class is split into three teams who compete to create the winning campaign.  The semester I participated in this program our client was Perfetti Van Melle and we were giving the task to create a grassroots marketing campaign for Mentos.  Each team was made up of 11 students complete with 6 marketing students, 2 graphic design, 2 mass communication and one public relations.  I was accepted to this course to take on the role of public relations specialist for Team B.  After a semester of hard work including campus visits for research, sleepless nights and hours of editing our team was chosen as the winner of the competition.  Here is the link to the finalized campaign overview booklet that we created to present to Perfetti Van Melle


Since I took on the role of Public Relations Specialist, it was my duty to fuse together the marketing, graphic design and mass communication elements of our campaign and make it not only relevant to our client but a campaign that would go over well with our publics.  I also composed much of the written materials needed throughout the campaign, edited our final copies, presented our creative freeze presentation to our professors, and helped create and present our final 30 minute presentation.   This course solidified for me the desire to work in a creative communication environment.  I loved all aspects of this course from the research, to the writing, editing and brainstorming we all took part in.  The sleepless nights were even enjoyable now seeing the success we achieved through all of our efforts.


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