a) I created a blog.

b) I neglected a blog.

c) I have now returned and hope to truly utilize and take advantage of all that blogging has to offer.

My name is Erika von Borcke.  I am pr professional living in Cleveland, moving to Chicago in mid-July.  I recently interned at Dix & Eaton in Cleveland, Ohio and am actively working to pursue a career in public relations.  I graduated from Miami University (of Ohio) in May 2008 and have since:

  • worked as a Sales Associate at Anthropologie
  • then a Senior Customer Associate
  • THEN an Assistant Home Manger
  • after which dropping back down to a Senior Customer Associate in order to take on a pr internship in the Spring 2009
  • began volunteering at Yoga Bear and planned the 1st annual Cleveland Yogapalooza
  • and NOW I am biding my time until my move to Chicago where I will be actively searching for a job in public relations and also be taking on the role of the Chicago Chapter Director of Yoga Bear.

Although I said earlier that I am committing myself to my blog let me be clear, I am still uncertain as to where this blog shall lead me.  Therefore as of now it will be whatever I make of it- focusing mainly though on what I mentioned in the title- things that inspire me, things I aspire to and insight I can give (as I learn it).  I look forward to expressing my thoughts and views and plan to find a more clear path for my blog as it develops.  In the meanitime I hope you enjoy reading what I have to say and please feel free to post comments and help me out along my blogging  journey.


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