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From intern to teacher

As yesterday marked the new Dix & Eaton intern’s first day, it also represented the official end to my spring internship.  As I had been engulfed in the culture and work of the firm for the past 5 months, D&E asked me to return, help train my replacement and impart as much knowledge and insight as I could fit into a 7.5 hour workday.   After finishing my day of training, I left with a slightly hoarse voice and a realization of all I had gained throughout my time at the agency. 

Media Relations  While going over Ken’s first project, follow-up calls to national reporters regarding a book previously sent and the expert source who wrote it, I remembered what it was like that first day and how far I have come in my media relations skills.  As Ken made his first call, starting off with a smaller pub and working right up to the main news outlets on day one, I remembered going through the same experience- the uncertainty and fear one feels when you are asked to jump head first into something completely new and hopefully land on your feet.  I can confidently say I have and now feel great confidence in my ability to not only call the media, ranging from a local paper to an international publication, but also be able to speak with confidence and knowledge, while providing reporters with real, relevant news, foster placements and gather useful feedback.

Research and media list building skills While research is something we all must be familar with in school and in the workplace, is something that many people struggle with as it must be thorough, well-compiled and completed in a timely fashion.  I have always thought of myself as someone with strong research skills- I am naturally inquisitive an therefore enjoy learning all that I can about the world around me- but after going over the different tools and research tasks used and required at D&E, it solidified for me the importance of these tasks and the benefit of being proficient in using and compiling strong research, especially in the public relations world.  PR practitioners are expected to be experts on their clients and have deep understanding of what they are pitching and who they are pitching to.  This requires a strong research background in all aspects of the the pr process and makes daily news clippings and recent coverage reports seem all the more important.

Writing Skills  To be a skilled writer is a one of the greatest assets a person can have.  It is also something that you can work on and improve throughout your entire life, no matter what skill level you currently are.  I consider myself a strong writer, but this internship has helped me improve my abilities and better understand writing for pr and the importance of capturing the attention of your audience and making your writing clear, concise and well-edited.  It is also something I plan to continue to work on everyday as everyone can always use more practice 🙂

Confidence in my abilities and my future in the world of pr  Although not a tangible asset gained from my time at D&E, this may be the most valuable.  D&E was a fantastic opportunity as they truly allowed me to test the waters of the pr world and see if it is a field I am well-suited for and going to thrive in and enjoy.  I can safely say that my time with D&E not only strengthened my desire to pursue a career in public relations, but also has given me the confidence to know that I have the skills and the ability to succeed in this field.  Confidence is something that is hard to gain, especially when beginning one’s journey into the working world at such a challenging time, but I feel confident in my place right now; I am ready for the world of pr and can’t wait to jump head first into my next endeavor.



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Cleveland, are you ready for some yoga?

Yoga Bear's YogapaloozaGet ready Cleveland, Yogapalooza is coming your way!  I do not think I have mentioned this yet on my blog, but I recently got involved with the non-profit Yoga Bear (link).   I have joined the organization as a volunteer event coordinator for YB’s annual event, Yogapalooza.   Yoga Bear is just getting started in Cleveland and what better way to gain visibility and spread the word about our cause than through a great event!

Planning for the Cleveland Yogapalooza is still underway, but here are the basics of the organization, the event and where I am at in the planning of the Cleveland event…

Yoga Bear – Yoga Bear is a national non-profit organization dedicated to providing cancer survivors with more opportunities for wellness and healing through the practice of yoga.  Currently operating in 23 states, YB helps connect cancer patients and survivors with yoga studios and also creates a community to join and connect with.  One the aspects of the organization that I find especially great is its utilization of social media.  The Yoga Bear site is a social network where you join, make a profile and can invite friends, participate in discussions and blog.  Yoga Bear is also present on Twitter, You Tube and Facebook.  Although many non-profits participate in social media, I have yet to find one where social media plays as large of a role as with Yoga Bear.  I think this utilization of social media tools is a great benefit to the growth and awareness of the organization and its cause and I am sure YB will become a role model for non-profit social media in the near future.

Yogapalooza Last year marked the first year of this event in San Francisco.  It was a great success and this year the event has expanded to six cities; San Francisco, Atlanta, Austin, Cleveland, New York City and Washington D.C. Although each city’s event is tailored to that city, all events have the same goal: to raise money for Yoga Bear’s cause and promote healthy living and the benefits of the practice of yoga. Also all events are scheduled for June 27th making one united, nation-wide day of yoga!

Cleveland Yogapalooza Here are the details on the Cleveland event as it stands currently. The event will be taking place on June 27 at Wade Oval in University Heights. Wade Oval is a beautiful park located right in between four of Cleveland’s best cultural landmarks: The Botanical Gardens, CWRU’s Gehry building, The Cleveland Museum of Art and the Natural History Museum. We hope for a beautiful sunny day (fingers crossed!) but tents will be set up in the case of rain.

By the end of this week my hope is to have our teachers and local sponsor set.  Meetings and phone calls are currently taking place and I hope to have some great additional news by Saturday to share! That being said if you are or know a great teacher in the greater Cleveland area please let me know! Feel free to comment to this blog or reach me directly at

I am so happy to be a part of this organization and cause. The benefits received through the practice of yoga are endless and it is wonderful that Yoga Bear has created a community of people who believe in the healing and restorative powers of the practice and support the fight against cancer.

Stay posted for additional news on the Cleveland event and I look forward to a great day of yoga on June 27!

This blog post is part of Zemanta’s “Blogging For a Cause” campaign to raise awareness and funds for worthy causes that bloggers care about.

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