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VisualCV, the Social Media Release of Job Hunting?

Thanks to a recommendation from my friend Brian, I listened to an NPR story a few weeks ago about interactive resumes and their benefit in today’s job hunt.  Since listening to that story I have begun to build my own interactive resume through VisualCV, which although still a work in progress, will soon debut on my blog but of course. 

VisualCV is an Internet resume that allows you to include more interactive features than a standard resume allows.  Aside from the usual list of past jobs and relevant skills, VisualCV allows you to include work samples, references, images and craft your own personalized url to send to prospective employers.  After beginning to build my own VisualCV, I had a realization- the progress and advancement VisualCV represents for resume-building is the same as what social media releases (SMR) mean to the practice of sending news releases in the public relations world. 

I first experienced social media releases when Dix & Eaton utilized them for one of our clients CPI.  The difference between traditional releases and SMR is amazing.  SMR allow for additional interactive sidebars of related information and videos, direct linkage back to the company’s website, RSS capabilities and the ability to distribute the release via the world of social media (i.e. Twitter, Digg, StumbleUpon, etc).  Although the traditional release is still relevant and sufficient for many companies, SMRs show the way the public relations world is evolving and the true power of the new social media movement.

I strongly believe that we are currently experiencing a great shift in our world and our use of technology.  Social media, although starting small, has grown into a force making a huge impact on our society including  the worlds of public relations and job hunting.  I am still learning to navigate this world, but everything I have tried and seen has amazed and inspired me.  Social media releases are a great new tool helping pr professionals publicize news in a way that the public will listen, and interactice resumes I believe will soon become a dominant tool in the job hunt.  Social media is continuing to grow and is here to stay so I say jump on and enjoy the ride.



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Weekend Adventure: Hessler Street Fair



Although I have lived in Cleveland my entire life, this weekend marked my first visit to a local festival celebrating its 40 year anniversary, the Hessler Street Fair (website).  

The Hessler Street Fair started as an annual block party and in 1969 began its path to the street festival it is today.  Back then, University Circle Inc. wanted to bulldoze Hessler Road to build student dorms and parking lots, and thanks to the money raised by the street festivals the streets became Cleveland Landmarks and were saved from demolition. 

The fair today is a wonderful mixture of arts, crafts, music and food and attracts more than 10,000 visitors a year.  I, as a first time visitor, was greatly impressed by the offerings of the fair.

Hessler Road and Hessler Court (there is interestingly enough no actual Hessler Street) are the two roads which host the fair.  They are lined with a number of quaint, historic houses and end in a courtyard of apartments where local bands set up and played throughout the weekend.  I had the pleasure of listening to the JiMiller Band (website), who’s mix of jazz, bluegrass and blues was a perfect backdrop to the relaxed, free-spirited feeling of the festival. 

I did not get the opportunity to sample any of the food (as Emily and I had a craving for Tommy’s, a great Cleveland Heights food establishment), but we did stop by the craft stands, purchasing some fabric-covered hair clips and picking up flyers for a gallery opening of a local printmaking artist that I plan to visit in June.

My favorite part of the festival may have been the children’s section, Harmony Park.  A make shift drum circle was set up there where adults and kids alike joined together to make “music” and embrace the festivals musical roots.  

The festival, its visitors and the street’s welcoming feel made this a great first festival of the summer season.  If staying in Cleveland I would love to someday live on Hessler Road and partake in the planning of this yearly celebration of one of Cleveland’s great hidden neighborhoods.  Even when moving on and away from my hometown, I plan to make the Hessler Street Fair an event I revisit in the years to come.

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