Happy Earth Day! Blog I’m Loving: The People Speak

Now I am a long-time fan of the UN Dispatch (link), the United Nation’s main blog covering the organization and it’s work, but I recently stumbled across another UN blog that I found inspirational, The People Speak- TPS (link).  In the spirit of Earth Day I thought it was a perfect blog to share as a new post.

The People Speak is a blog community for young people interested in global issues and making a difference in our world.  It offers a place for the youth of the world to post their ideas, form connections with other change-focused individuals and begin shaping the world from a very young age.  The site offers a number of applications for users to become involved in and truly gives the youth of our world a say in what is going on around us. 

Current activities on the site include Global Debates, Climate Crews, Youth Leadership Summit and Youth Climate Pledge.  One past activity that I believe shows the strength and potential of this site is a posted YouTube video where TPS community members were able to ask Ted Turner questions.  Now that is having a real influence. 

I may be just out of the age group that would classify me as a youth, but this site is one I plan to re-visit soon and re-visit often.  The youth can change the world and TPS highlights this fact.  Plus, I am pretty excited to learn how to host a UN-themed trivia night as well 🙂


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