Photo of the Day

National Geographic

National Geographic

I thought my blog was in need of some visual elements and therefore decided to share this photo from National Geographic’s Week in Photos depicting the collapse of the Cologne city archives building on March 3.  I feel a special connection to Cologne after living there last summer and therefore was immediately drawn to this photo.  The building contained centuries worth of archives, housing works by such people as Karl Marx.  No one knows as of yet why the building collapsed.  This photo reminds me of looking into a dollhouse, especially with the bed and painting in the wall still fully intacted- eerie for sure.



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2 responses to “Photo of the Day

  1. Brian

    Why, in your Koeln knowledge, did someone live in the archives?

    • vonborec

      No- as far as I know- but unfortunately the collapse took a few other buildings down with it- the archive was 6 stories tall (which is also why I believe that dollhouse-like photograph was possible). No one from the archives is missing, but 9 people from the surrounding buildings are… not good. I will update you as I learn more news!

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