Election ’08

So that time we have all been waiting for is finally here.  Election day.  It’s hard to believe that soon the yard signs will be coming down, the endless string of commercials will be pulled from the air, and no longer will every conversation surround the battle between Obama and McCain.  I thought I would be ecstatic for this day to arrive but I find that the end of this battle is actually bittersweet.  On the one hand the end to the constant name calling, politically-driven commercials and discussions regarding who is more qualified will be a pleasant change but on the other the time before election day I find to be exciting.  During this time is one of the rare times in which everyone in America has a common agenda and can relate with everyone else.  Living in one of the biggest battle grounds in the U.S. makes this time all the more exciting.  Just this past week we have had the opportunity to hear Jay-Z and LeBron James state their support of Obama, Bruce Springsteen and Obama himself host a rally bringing in 80,000 people, as well as Rudy Giuliani hosting a rally in my very own home town.  This election I find to be unique in that in seems that everyone is involved.  More people than ever are out and registered especially in the category I find myself in- the youth.  We have found our voice and today are able to share our views and show that are opinions do count and that we are not as apathetic as we were once thought to be.  Today is history in the making.

Barack Obama.  I never got the opportunity to post my pre-election blog on November 4th so instead of deleting it I decided to just add my post-election comments to the same post.  November 4th is now a day that will be forever remembered.  Whether or not you helped elect Barack Obama to the Presidency you are still witnessing the amazing steps America has made as a nation.  We, the United States of America, now have a black President.  This amazing turn of events shows how far we have come and that we are still the tolerant and accepting nation we were founded as.   I was sadly not at Grant Park or in New York City with the masses when this monumental event occurred but even from my couch in Chagrin Falls I could feel the emotion and significance felt by those people.  This is the first step into a new chapter for our country and I myself am excited to see where it will lead.


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