Senior Capstone- Iggie’s

At Miami it is required that every Senior complete a Senior Capstone project.  This project is meant to bring together all that you have learned over the previous four years.  Although Laws, Hall, & Associates is listed as a capstone course it did not count for my Strategic Communication Major.  Therefore I was required to take on a second capstone, Advanced Public Relations.  This capstone ended up being a great experience because within the course we were given the semester long assignment to choose an Oxford business and create a public relations campaign for them.  My team chose to work with a new Oxford business, Iggie’s Gelato.  Iggie’s offered a unique product to the Oxford Community, but struggled from little funding and a less than ideal location. 

After a semester of researching, speaking with our client, and testing different ideas we created a full campaign for Iggie’s.  We created a campaign overview book for them to keep and hopefully implement the following year and also gave a 30 minute presentation to persuade our professor, class and client on why our campaign should be implemented.  Our book and presentation included: the current situation at Iggie’s, our key findings after reasearch, who we believed the key publics Iggie’s should target were, the overall goal of the campaign, the campaign objectives, the strategy to achieve those objectives, and the messages we wanted to convey.  Some of the tactics we included to reach our overall goal included creating coupons and discount cards, creating a to-go menu for the shop, and hosting events such as Family Fun Thursday’s.  Our presentation was a success and our client and professor were very impressed with our overall campaign.

This experience was great because it forced us all to think through a public relations campaign from start to finish.  Also by working with a real client we got to experience the actual difficulties and roadblocks that are faced when working in the real world.  Working with a real client also showed us the importance of consulting and finding out the real problems and solutions facing a business rather than what may be the easiest or the most fun to work with.


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